A new generation of email marketing technology

We are bringing blockchain technology to the 2.9 Billion people who already have an email address.
Allowing businesses to re-energize and get deeper engagement with their email messaging.

Enriched Data

Import your existing email list into the Blockagram platform. We'll enrich your marketing data match to real verified identities allowing advanced segmentation and targeting.

Recipients are Engaged

We will put currency into the hands of your contacts for opening, clicking or acting. A secure, open and verifiable blockchain ledger provides trust in the system and allows for sending microtransactions and easy exchange with other currencies or points systems.


Already have a points or loyalty program in your business? Partner with Blockagram. We can provide an easy way for consumers to redeem their balance for points they can spend on your brand.


  1. Whitepaper compeleted (Q4 2017)
  2. Smart Contract and Token Completed (Q4 2017)
  3. Proprietary Digital Wallet (Q1 2018)
  4. High Performance Email Marketing Platform Operational (Q1 2018)
  5. Key Partnerships (Q1 2018)

How it works

Create your Campaign

Select your segment, craft your message, determine your goals and set your costs. When everything looks good send your emails.

Recipients Engage

We pass tokens through to each person who engages with your email marketing messages and meets your engagement goals - Opens email, clicks link or other actions. Tokens are held securely on the blockchain in an account associated with the email address. They never expire and can be withdrawn at anytime. Tokens provide the incentive for customers to take action.


Track your marketing ROI with the kind of analytics you're already used to seeing with your other internet advertising activities.

The Team

Charles Abraham
Charles Abraham, CEO
Matt Warren
Matt Warren, Founder and CTO
Justin Lalonde
Justin Lalonde, VP Marketing
anish patel
Anish Patel, VP Corp Dev
Roland Nimmo
Roland Nimmo, CFO


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